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Like Minded People, Distinctive Products,

& Collective Opportunity

With a small group of brands that we currently represent, we are fortunate to have many directions to grow our portfolio.  Our goal is to complement our current selections with products and people that contribute to our offerings and that of our distributors.


While we do partner with some of the largest wholesalers in the country, we embrace building brands with independently owned distributors that have strong relationships in the independent channels as well as the chains. If you are only seeking National placements in the largest grocery stores we probably are not the best fit for your products but if you think we are wrong, we will certainly hear you out!


Over the last two decades, we’ve developed a distributor network across 44 states with over 60 wholesalers.  We don’t see these wholesalers simply as a path to the market but as partners and friends that can achieve collective goals when working together in tandem.  In each market we’ve developed relationships with sales teams, independent retailers and restaurants that give authentic brands the platform to grow and flourish. 


If you want a partner to grow with, share the ride and have some fun along the way, let’s connect and see if we are a good fit.

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